You know your life revolves around filmmaking, but you know who else knows it? Your friends and family—all too damn well. And since they've put up with your non-stop jibber jabber about the cinematic genius of Darren Aronofsky and your unsolicited advice about why holding a smartphone vertically to shoot video is just wrong (super guilty here), maybe you'd do yourself and your relationships some good by trying out these very non-filmmaking things this holiday season. Here's the Basic Filmmaker to give you some ideas.

This video is hilarious because it's kind of true—we filmmakers can be incredibly self-centered at times (we're passionate, okay?) and can find ways to infuse cinema into just about any conversation. "Yeah, that was a lovely slideshow of your trip to Arizona, grandma, but maybe next time try to tell a story with your images. Like, I know that you were at the Grand Canyon, but why were you there? What does the Grand Canyon represent, you know?"

And instead of raking your sibling over the coals for buying a point and shoot camera instead of splurging on a decent DSLR because "you're not just buying a camera, you're investing in image quality," maybe just say, "Sweet camera," and move on.

At the end of the day, that's what they've done for you all year: "Sweet movie idea!" "Whoa, that camera is fancy as hell!" "Wow, you spend how many hours shooting last night?" "No, I didn't realize how much it cost to feed a cast and crew." "I guess your movie looks Kubrickian." And of course, "Oh my gosh! Your movie was brilliant! I loved every minute of it! I'm so proud of you!"

Plus, it feels good to get away from the thing that you've been obsessing over all year/decade/your whole life. Enjoy those around you that have supported you throughout your impossible venture and pay their kindness forward!

Source: Basic Filmmaker