The new upgrades allow C700 owners to swap their lens mounts from EF to PL and back, as well as swap their Dual Pixel AF CMOS sensor to the global shutter version. The lens mount upgrade service will be available in March 2017, and Canon is currently only doing the servicing in Europe through their RCC (Regional Competence Centres). Pricing for the lens mount scales depends on what you want from the service: €450 for labor to swap; €1,400 for swap and mount; and €1,550 for labor, mount and shims.

Canon Europe now offering Lens Mount and Sensor Swapping

The sensor swap service will be available "later in 2017" and pricing is unknown. For owners of the EF model, the sensor upgrade means your camera is getting swapped to PL mount (goodbye autofocus) and losing 1 stop of dynamic range.

Servicing for the US has not been announced yet, but it should be in the near future.

Source: Canon Europe