They say if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. However, with technology, prices mostly keep getting better and better as quality increases. Case in point: for only $99, Cinemartin has released the Loyal series of monitors which come with a whole pack of features filmmakers want, including very useful exposure tools like false color and waveform monitor, and a color selectable focus peaking tool.  For $99. Let that sink in. 

Additionally, it's available in either HD or UHD formats for the same price, but the HD monitor is brighter than the UHD model (550 nits vs 600nits), and frankly, you're not really going to see the benefits of 4K UHD on a 7" monitor anyway. If your camera puts out 1080p HD, you're probably going to be happier with the slightly brighter monitor than the slightly dimmer UHD one.

Cinemartin_menuCineMartin MenusCredit: CineMartin

Another great feature is the inclusion of a headphone mini-jack, which allows the operator to monitor audio quality during recording on cameras that lack their own headphone jacks, like the Sony A6300. In combination with realtime VU meters, the toolset offers a good basic handle on audio to make life easier for the solo operator out in the field without a sound team.

Zebra_and_peakingZebra and peaking

For the price, we can reasonably assume the color accuracy won't be stellar, and the industrial design isn't the most sophisticated, but then again, for the price, it's a 7" full HD monitor with waveform and false color and headphone jack. It's an amazing price/benefit combo. Especially if you are considering putting together a multi-camera package or just building your first kit, the monitor should definitely be considered. 

There is also an optional shooter kit available with a sony battery plate, mounting arm, sunshade and HDMI cable for a total price of $150 including monitor. Available now for order from the Cinemartin website, with a 1% fee for using a credit card.

Tech Specs (LT 1080p FHD)

  • HDMI 1080 input
  • 379 grams without battery plate
  • 600 NIT max. (cd/m2) luminance for 1080p
  • 12V power input, 14W draw
  • Color selectable peaking focus assist
  • False Color
  • Zebra
  • Waveform monitoring
  • Aspect Marker
  • Anamorphic de-squeeze
  • Headphone mini-jack