Sick and tired of all of those pesky problems you have to deal with in post, like bad framing and vertical video? This app fixes all of that. (Or at least it would if it were real.) Edit Button Touch is a fake app developed by Grog Movies that allows users to do just about anything and everything, namely the things that are a royal pain in every editor's ass. Render times cutting into your dating schedule? Skip 'em! Screen frozen? Edit Button Touch lets you say (click) "no" to all that mess. Here's a nifty tutorial that shows you how to use it:

[This video from Grog Movies was featured on Indy Mogul's Saturday Morning Special show.]

For those who may not get satire—this video is totally satire. So no, unfortunately there isn't an app that magically lets you skip renders or change actors' performances in post, but one thing's for sure, Grog Movies definitely hit the nail on the head with this spoof video. All of those annoyances, like having to edit a scene that is riddled with poor composition or wishing there was a way to fix footage shot in portrait mode. I mean, I have legitimate anxiety relinquishing control of recording important events on my phone, because all of my non-filmmaker friends never think twice about recording in portrait mode. (I hate it!)

Which features do you wish the totally fake video app Edit Button Touch would include in future updates? Personally, I'd love to see an "auto-aging" feature that lets you adjust the age of all actors playing detectives, lawyers, therapists, and other professionals in college film projects. It'd be revolutionary, because how many 18-year-old detectives, lawyers, or therapists do you know? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Grog Movies