Vimeo has just launched Video Review, a feedback workflow tool for its Pro and Business users that allows video professionals to share their edits with team members and clients to get time-coded notes directly within the platform. Check out the video below for a quick overview of the new tool:

Key features of the new Video Review tool include to ability to:

  • Send private links for a sharable review page directly from the Vimeo video page to as many people as you want, even to people without Vimeo accounts
  • Click on any frame anywhere to add a note
  • Go to the exact frame where the note was made simply by clicking the note
  • Reply to notes in the sidebar in real time
  • Convert notes received from reviewers into to-do lists

Vimeo's Video Review tool is now included in all Pro and Business user accounts. For more details, check out Vimeo's official announcement.

Source: Vimeo