Like a riddle wrapped in a mystery, Jimmy Fallon's unconventional opening to the 74th Golden Globe Awards paid homage to a film that pays homage to Hollywood's golden era. Little did he know when planning the star-studded music and dance number that he would be celebrating the night's biggest winner; La La Land took home a record seven statuettes, including for Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy.

La La Land opens with an impressive, single-take, highly choreographed song and dance that weaves in and out of one of the most notorious traffic jams in Los Angeles. (During his acceptance speech for Best Director, Damien Chazelle thanked his first AD for making it possible for him to shut down an LA freeway during a heat wave to pull off this cinematic feat.) In turn, Fallon's version showed a bevy of celebrity-filled vehicles pulling up to the Golden Globes, then breaking into song and dance themselves. True to Fallon's style, the open was full of humor and surprises from some of this year's favorite productions—including Jon Snow's resurrection (from a backseat nap), dancing Storm Troopers, and a big reveal about the next season of Stranger Things.

Check it out below.