Freckles are adorable, whether they covering the face of a gorgeous young ingénue or a kid joyously running through a sprinkler. If your vision for one of the characters in a project includes freckles, photographer/filmmaker/weird lens master Mathieu Stern just published a super simple makeup tutorial that shows you how to give them to your subject using a toothbrush and some watercolors. Check it out below: 

So, here's all you're going to need:

  • Water
  • Q-tips
  • Watercolors (orange, red, and brown)
  • A toothbrush

Perhaps the most complicated thing about this technique is mixing the right amount of orange, red, and green watercolors together to get the hue you want for your freckles. But once you have it, all you have to do is get the toothbrush wet, dip it into your mixture, and flick the brush onto your subject's face until you get your desired look.

Stern makes a suggestion on which parts of the face should have high, medium, and low concentration of freckles—the nose and cheeks get the most attention—but you can choose to do it however you want.


This technique is good for more than just freckles, too; you could use it to apply blood splatter or sweat if you don't have a spray bottle on hand. Really, this is just a nifty trick to know, whether you're a makeup artist or a no-budget filmmaker who has to get really good at makeup really fast.

What other applications does this toothbrush technique have? What are some other nifty makeup tricks? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Mathieu Stern