Understanding shutter speed can be a little difficult, especially when you consider how it affects and is affected by the two other important exposure settings, ISO and aperture. Cranking one up means you have to crank another down, and when you crank that one down you'll have to balance it all by cranking the other one up. Getting proper exposure can get pretty confusing, especially in complicated shooting situations.

So, if you're a beginner (or just like cheat sheets), this resource will help you out big time as you educate yourself on shutter speed. Travel photographer Viktor Elizarov has put together a super handy infographic that charts the many aspects of shutter speed, including important concepts relating to the Exposure Triangle (ISO, shutter speed, and aperture), as well as what images look like at different settings. Check it out below:

Shutter_speedCredit: PhotoTraces

While it's relatively straightforward and hardly a sign of mastery to properly expose an image, it takes great understanding of exposure concepts and tools to use exposure as an artistic tool. This is the area in Elizarov's chart that I think all of you more experienced filmmakers will find helpful, especially if exposing has become automatic for you. Perhaps now you'll be inspired to pause before you choose your exposure and make a intentional choice to, I don't know, add a little more motion blur as you pan your camera to capture your subject running by.

There are lots of creative possibilities with the Exposure Triangle. Hopefully this chart will give you enough information to try something new and creative.

Source: PhotoTraces