The process of swapping out lenses can be a chore. Sometimes you have the lens you need on you in a fanny pack or in a bulky backpack, but other times you have to stop what you're doing and go all the way to your gear bag to fish one out. This is not ideal. That's why this lens holder from Frii Designs is so interesting, because it it makes that irritating and time consuming process so much faster.  


Meet TriLens, a lens holder that allows you to carry up to three lenses right on your hip. The accessory, which attaches to your belt, is designed with three lens mounts arranged on a rotating auto-friction mechanism that keeps the entire unit, and the user, balanced and stable during use.






The TriLens, which is made of high strenght steel and fiber reinforced nylon, weighs a little over a pound, can withstand up to 220 lbs. (that is not a typo), and is available for Sony, Nikon, and Canon lenses. The kit comes with a TriLens beltclip, a Trilens housing, a felt bag for storage, 5 sets of cap magnets, and 3 protection caps (to use over your empty mounts that aren't being used).


Frii Designs hasn't officially released any information about the price, but a Kickstarter campaign is set to launch in the next couple of weeks on May 9th. If you want to know more about the TriLens, head on over to Frii's website.

Source: Frii Designs