Freefly was on hand at NAB to show off their newest steadying camera gear, and they are definitely revolutionizing the steady cam game.  The Movi Pilot controlling unit and the Movi Carbon, a handheld gimbal that is the first of its kind. 

The Movi Pilot

The Movi Pilot is a revolutionary pilot module for the Movi stabilizer universe. From 600 feet away, you can control the tilt, pan, zoom, iris, and focus of your Movi device and camera.

You can pair this with the Mimic, which allows you to adjust the image with a joystick, slider, and focus ring, marking the resistance digitally. Freefly also made the Pilot completely customizable so your focus ring can now control iris, while the joystick controls your zoom and slider controls tilt.

Freefly will be releasing new firmware next week for the Pilot, allowing you to connect two Mimics and two controllers to your Movi Carbon or Movi Pro. This allows one person to focus on tilt and pan while someone else can be concerned with focus and zoom.

The Pilot is expected to be released in May for a price point of $5,000 for the bundle including the Mimic.

Movi Carbon 

The Movi Carbon is the first 5-axis handheld drone mountable device on the market. The Movi Carbon is made exclusively for the Sony A7sii with a 24mm-240mm lens. In fact, it's balanced specifically for this precise camera and lens combination. The 5-axis stabilization means that even when zoomed in at 240mm, your shot will be steady and smooth. It's expected to weigh around 10-12lbs and while there is no exact sales date or price yet, it is expected to be under $30,000.

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