Cameras are tools that help us create images, and since they're tools, they always work best when customized to fit our own personal needs. If your camera tool happens to be a Nikon, then you're in luck because photographer Steve Perry has put together a video that shares seven tricks for customizing your Nikon DSLR. Keep in mind, though, that these are geared toward mid and pro-range bodies, excluding the D3 and D5 series, so not ever trick is going to work with your shooter. 

Perry goes into a lot of detail in the video on how to customize your Nikon camera, but in case you want a simple overview to know what you're getting, here are the seven tricks he talks about:

  • Quickly zoom in to check focus
  • Quickly zoom to 100% in Live View
  • Fast image review
  • Fast card format
  • Temporarily disable flash (not as applicable to filmmakers, but still...)
  • Use the movie record button to change ISO (definitely not as applicable to filmmakers, but...nah...skip it)
  • Store AF points by orientation

Now, obviously some of these, like the whole turn-your-movie-record-button-into-an-ISO-toggle thing, are not going to apply to filmmakers, but the majority of them will definitely safe you some time and make your life a little easier. 

There are many ways to customize your DSLR, be it Nikon, Canon, or whatever, so get to know your settings a little more so you can turn your camera into the fine-tuned filmmaking tool it should be.

Source: Steve Perry