When companies like Apple and Samsung design cameras for their smartphones, one of the main objectives is to make them easy enough to operate that any user can simply point and click. However, it seems as though Apple wants to offer a little something extra to those who are getting into the art of photography and cinematography and wanting to explore the creative power of their device. 

The company has launched a microsite that aims to show users how to shoot on the iPhone 7, and it's called—get ready—"How to Shoot on iPhone 7." The site seems to be geared more toward photography, but if you're new to the whole smartphone filmmaking game, you'll definitely learn a thing or two about lighting, portraiture, and composition.

The site offers 20 video tutorials on a wide range of different topics, including:

  • How to shoot a close-up (essentially, how to use the iPhone 7 zoom features)
  • How to capture a unique angle
  • How to shoot a horizon
  • How to shoot with street lights
  • How to shoot a bold and simple image
  • How to shoot during golden hour

Apple has created a playlist on its YouTube channel with 17 of the 20 videos. Check it out below:

Is this site a mere gimmick to 1.) sell more iPhone 7 devices and 2.) get more people to take the iPhone 7 seriously as a smartphone camera contender? Maybe. Is the site useful? To some people, absolutely. I don't turn up my nose to good advice, regardless of where or whom it comes from, and this site seems to offer quite a bit of it—even if knowing how to shoot a one-handed selfie isn't really something filmmakers are dying to add to their repertoire. I say, check it out, take from it what you need and leave the rest. It's free information, so why not?

Source: Apple