The internet is an easy place to get lost in. This is especially true if you're a freelancer or production company trying to find new work. Thankfully, Movidiam has created a solution to help your work stand apart from the crowd.

Movidiam has created a curated global network for creatives and video production professionals. Whether you're a director looking for new commercial projects, or production company wanting to get in front of leading agencies and brands, the new M-Promote product is an easy way to promote your profile across the Movidiam and Google Search network. 

The network already has 15,000 members; it’s easy to create a basic Movidiam profile and showcase your work. To enhance your profile Movidiam also offers a number of subscription plans; go annual at $150 you’ll also get $140 of fully managed promote credits for free to get you started with the M-Promote service.

George Olver, co-founder of Movidiam, had this to say when asked why M-Promote is important for professionals in the creative industries today, “Having spent 15 years running my own production company, I know first-hand the challenge of promoting your work or services. It’s a labor of love maintaining websites, blogs and social channels and often felt like a distraction from doing the real work."


Movidiam is not a jobs board or a competition site where hundreds of people pitch for the same brief or create work in advance for prizes. It’s been designed around enabling professionals and companies to be hired based on their skills and experience and this is where the new promote feature is so powerful. 

The M-Promote product serves ads if, for example, a search is entered in Google for a “cinematographer” in “Seattle”. A shortened version of the Movidiam member profile will automatically appear at the top of Google search as well as the top of Movidiam. That means you'll never get lost in the clutter of the internet ever again.


M-promote also takes away the complexity of advertising on Google for production professionals, the aim being to help the right work find them faster. As part of the service, the Movidiam team helps build the ads, manage keywords, and provide analysis of the ad's performance.

Director Daniel Lundh can attest, saying, “I've been getting 4-5 job requests since I joined the site…Since I joined Movidiam, production companies have been reaching out straight away."


To help introduce the product, Movidiam is offering a limited number of No Film School members $140 to spend on M-Promote when you join with an annual subscription.

Source: Movidiam