Get Your '80s Nostalgia on with Red Giant Universe 2.1 Titles

Red Giant plugins are all over the industry, and with the latest upgrade, new options abound.

Nothing sets the mood quite like the perfect titles, and nothing ruins a project faster than poorly executed motion graphics. In fact, properly done original titles can even become part of the pop culture moment.

While high-end projects often craft their titles from scratch, Red Giant plugins make creating dynamic titles for small or fast turnaround project easier. Now, you can upgrade to the new Universe platform. Members of the Universe subscription community have six new customizable, GPU-accelerated type creation tools to add to the existing 65 options. The titles in this batch are generally built around a strong sense of nostalgia; VHS and '80s cinema seem to have had a big influence on the upgraded design.

Credit: Red Giant

If you are already a Universe subscriber, be sure to update. If you aren't, take a look at the new options and all of the plugins available for $99/year at Red Giant

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For some reason I was expecting an article about the Universe font...

May 12, 2017 at 9:50AM

Henrik Prinz