Camera sliders are great for helping to make your shots look more dynamic and professional, but until now, your options were to either purchase linear or curved tracks. Waterbird has unveiled their brand new MultiSlider, which gives users the ability to bend the track to create straight and curved camera movements.

Other than being fully adjustable, the MultiSlider has other desirable features, including a high-precision stepper motor and drive belt, a 10" minimum radius, and a powerful motion controller with Bluetooth connectivity and mobile app. The track can be locked in place to keep your desired configuration, whether you want it completely linear, curved, or a little bit of both. If you're mounting the MultiSlider to a tripod, each axis segment has its own individual thread, allowing you to choose the best place to attach it so the entire unit is balanced.

Tech Specs


  • suitable for straight and curved tracking shots
  • highly stable axis segments, each equipped with an individual thread for tripod mounting
  • flexible rails with highest sliding performance - every length available on request.
  • high-precision stepper motor and drive belt move the slide smoothly along the rails
  • smallest possible diameter: 500 [mm]
  • 2 brake levers easily lock the system at every demanded radius (down to smallest possible radius of 250 [mm])
  • additional user-defined adjustment of the system via allen keys, for even greater precision or for a combination of straight and curved tracks
  • slide: total length: 85 mm, equipped with motor, controller and battery pack





  • Control of the Multi Slider motor or motors of other slider systems
  • Mobile Apps will be available for Android and iOS Smartphones. (Device must support Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Fully repeatable automatic movement thanks to industry standard (geared) stepper motors
  • Simple to set start and stop positions, speed and acceleration ramps for camera movements and time-lapse
  • Micro-step mode for ultra-smooth movements
  • Control of up to 3 stepper motors (one motor license included for slider movement, more licenses included in Waterbird extension packages and as stand-alone orders)
  • Port for connecting camera trigger with standard 2.5mm plug for time-lapse and manual triggering with settings for focus time in the App.
  • Auxiliary port for extensions like manual control via a potentiometer (optional), control of an external lamp for time-lapse (optional), or triggering of a second camera (optional)
  • Fast mounting bracket included
  • Compact size 65.5 x 59.6 mm (70.92 x 65 mm with mounting bracket)
  • Power supplied via standard 12V DC supply, minimum 2A, 5.5mm DC socket with 2.1/2.5 mm Pin
  • Firmware updates will be performed via Micro USB
  • Control from Windows PC via USB planned for end of 2017

cinema5D visited the Waterbird booth at NAB 2017 and got to see the MultiSlider in action:

Lengths come in 2.6' (80cm), 4' (120cm), 5' (150cm), or any custom length you want. The price for each package still hasn't been released, but availability is expected some time at the end of this Summer. Head on over to Waterbird to learn more.

Source: Waterbird