If you're the proud owner of a double chin like I am, you know exactly how to minimize its glorious dominance on-camera. Most filmmakers and photographers know the high-angle trick, capturing your subject from above eye-level, but that's not the only option you have. In this helpful tutorial, the Koldunov Brothers show you five ways to reduce the appearance of your subject's double chin using camera placement, lighting, and lens choice. Check it out below:

Here are the five techniques the Koldunov Brothers mention in the video:

  • Head forward: Ask your subject to move their head forward and down.
  • Change the pose: Find a pose that accentuates your subject's jawline.
  • Create a shadow: Raising your light source will cast a shadow that hides all that double chin goodness.
  • Shoot from above: We all know this trick!
  • Shoot from close range: Capturing your subject with a wide lens at close range distorts the face and hides underneath the chin. Sometimes this isn't the best option, though.

You won't always be able to reduce the appearance of a double chin, but that's okay. Some people hate it, others really don't mind it. In the end, your most important goal is to do great work and make your cast and crew feel comfortable, so it's up to you as a filmmaker to ask your subject what they're cool with and what they're not cool with and to be as sensitive as possible during the shoot. 

Source: Koldunov Brothers