While there are dozens of alternatives out there to edit sound, Pro Tools remains one of the most versatile and powerful DAWs in the audio industry. Pro Tools HD, Pro Tools, and Pro Tools | First all received a lift with update 12.8, and are now packed with new tools to clean up your workflow. 

Pro Tools | First

If you're Pro Tools | First user, you'll be happy to hear Avid has activated Cloud Collaboration, so you can now invite and share projects with other Pro Tools users on a track-by-track basis. In order to initiate the collaboration, you need an upgraded Avid Cloud Storage Plan. Artist Chat has also been added, which lets you chat with other invited clients or users during the editing process. 

Soundbase is now available in Pro Tools | First, allowing you to search for audio files to add to your projects. The browser-style interface and combined database engine provides tools for searching, sorting, auditioning, and importing audio and MDI files as well as plug-in settings into your workflow. Other enhancements include freeze tracks, 10 inserts/sends (A-E, F-J), a task manager status, updated editing tools and key modifier behaviors, the ability to adjust fades with the Smart Tool, and new fade options with the ability to change the shape of fades, among other cool updates.

Full Pro Tools | First 12.8 details can be found here

Pro Tools and Pro Tools HD 

Both Pro Tools and Pro Tools HD received similar updates with the latter snagging a few more check boxes to its software. They now include "a keep window on top" option, an editable ISRC metadata column, improved show/hide column shortcuts, and column data as a search criteria shortcut. Both its play/stop icons in waveform as well as its search capabilities have also been updated. One sweet new feature is a pop-up window for loop indication. When you create or assign tags for any audio file you can now indicate whether or not the file is a loop. 

Pro Tools HD received new features for Dolby Atmos, including 7.0.2 and 7.1.2 channel widths for input, output, and bus paths, and for audio, auxiliary input, master fader and instrument tracks. While 7.0 and 7.1 are standard surround channel widths, the added “.2” provides two audio channels that can be mixed to stereo (left and right) overhead speakers (or speaker groups), adding dimension height to surround sound. Audience immersion is also improved with better audio quality and timbre matching while providing greater spatial control and resolution. 

Besides its Atmos updates, Avid has added an object view for mono and stereo audio as well as auxiliary input and instrument tracks, enhanced object re-recording worfklows, and created automated switching between assigned tracks.

You can find out all the details to Pro Tools HD and Pro Tools 12.8 update here

Happy sound editing.