Wireless video has moved beyond being an occasional luxury rented for Steadicam-heavy jobs. It's now practically a requirement of nearly every shoot that some sort of wireless system is used for clients and directors to have a live image without the hassle of long cable runs. The most frequent name you'll see on set for wireless video solutions is Teradek, and the company is currently running a rare discount on its Bolt line of wireless devices, with a full 20% off available until July 4th, the American Independence day.

Particularly interesting is that the sale is not just a way of clearing out old technology; it discounts the newer Bolt 1000 and 3000 which only came out 11 months ago, as well as the slightly older 500. While 11 months is ages in the computer era, wireless video systems don't refresh at quite the rate that computers do and it's unlikely that this is a sign that new versions are coming. In fact, with this discount, the Bolt 500 becomes a bit cheaper than the slightly older and less powerful 300. That doesn't mean Teradek hasn't been innovating lately, however, as they launched a very impressive set of tools for on set iOs monitoring back at NAB, as you can see in our video from the event.

For more info, or to order, head over to the Teradek site.