Aputure VS-5x Monitors Can Cross Convert Between Formats

Credit: Aputure
This new 7" on-camera monitor has dual SDI and HDMI ports and can cross covert between formats if you're looking to make pieces of your kit play well together.

In a dream world, every piece of equipment would patch together to every other piece of equipment with ease. However, in the reality we live in there are multiple formats that compete with each other and have different benefits and drawbacks. Thus, it's possible to end up on a shoot with a camera that only puts out HDMI, but a field monitor that only accepts SDI. Or you need to run a cable longer than HDMI will allow. Or you have a camera that puts out SDI but you saved money and got the HDMI-only wireless unit. While HDMI to SDI converters are getting very cheap, it's another piece of gear you have to add to the package, strap to the camera body, and make sure it works.

This handy little monitor can both preview your image for you and simultaneously output signal in a different format. 

With the new VS-5x monitor from Aputure, the company has added a key feature to avoid that fate. The "x" in the name is for cross convert, which means that this handy little monitor can both preview your image for you and simultaneously output signal in a different format. Plug in SDI, and the SDI and HDMI output ports both give signal, a key upgrade compared to many other monitors.

Like most of it's competition, the VS-5x offers waveform, vectorscope, false color, histogram and zebra for helping you craft better images. It has three options for power, which is especially handy, with Sony NP-F battery mounts, a 12V DC input, and an included D-tap power cable.  

Where the monitor falls short is brightness, coming in at only 450nits while the world is moving towards HDR, necessitating the need for ever brighter monitors in the 1000nit range. Also lacking is support for LUTs, though considering how frequently that is now appearing in-camera, it might not be a huge issue depending on your specific workflow. The monitor comes stocked with a host of accessories, including a sun shade, a ball mount and HDMI and power cables to get you up and going quickly.

Credit: Aputure
Available now from B&H for $599.

Tech Specs:

  • 1920x1200, 7" screen
  • Waveform, Vectorscope, False Color, Histagram, Zebra
  • Sony NP-F, 12V DC, or with included D-tap cable power
  • 450nits brightness
  • Ball Mount
  • Sun Hood 

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Hopefully they have fixed the video delay issue to make it more usable as a monitor.

July 20, 2017 at 9:12AM

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