In order to meet current image quality standards, camera manufacturing giant ARRI has released a new Full Spectrum Neutral Density filter. While the ALEXA Mini and AMIRA models already have internal FSND filters, this filter is mounted externally. These ND filters help reduce the amount of light entering the lens, allowing you to shoot wide open in bright conditions without overexposure. They also make it possible to blur moving elements such as water or traffic in bright conditions.

ARRI claims the filter is far superior to competing models due to its design. Whereas most external filters have square, bumpy edges, this filter’s c-shaped edges provide an easier mounting method and reduced glass chipping. Close to the filter’s edge, the glass surface also features an engraved GS1 bar code which is readable by most camera-based bar code 2 readers around the world. This makes rental check-ins and check-outs easier, provides proof of ownership, and eliminates the need for stickers that can fall off or leave a residue.


  • Optical quality, Schott B270i glass with completely flat and parallel surfaces for image sharpness
  • Anti-reflective coating for contrast and top HDR deliverables
  • Hard coating for prolonged filter life
  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic coating for easy and fast cleaning
  • C-Shaped, black edge prevents chipping and reflection
  • Anti-static premium pouch for safe storage
  • Engraved, unique barcode for fast inventory tracking and proof of ownership
  • Purely color neutral for true image capture

For more details, visit ARRI’s website.