Filmpower's Bluetooth Follow Focus and New 5-Axis Gimbal Are Available Now

Nebula Focus
Credit: Cinema 5D
The Nebula 4300 5-Axis Gimbal and Nebula Focus Bluetooth follow focus are shipping.

Filmpower has started shipping the Nebula Focus, its new Bluetooth follow focus, along with an upgraded version of its Nebula 4200 5-Axis gimbal, aptly named the Nebula 4300.

As we discussed when the Nebula Slant gimbal was introduced last month, the Nebula Focus is a lightweight, wireless, Bluetooth-enabled follow focus that gives the operator freedom to move about 30 feet from the camera, which is plenty of room for most smaller productions. One of its stand-out features is that it can be mounted to the hotshoe of a DSLR, which makes it easier to balance the camera—especially if you're using it on, say, a 5-Axis gimbal like the Nebula 4300—because it helps keep the weight closer to the center of gravity.

In addition to the Nebula 4300, Filmpower has also hinted at the release of a larger version, the Nebula 5300, designed for use with heavier cameras.

Other features of the Nebula Focus include an LCD screen to display battery levels, connection status, and distance to subject (up to 5m).

While the focus wheel on the remote seems like it might be on the small side and affect the smoothness with which an operator can pull focus, the remote includes the ability to store focus points for consistent and repeatable focus pulls, and Filmpower claims that an app is in development which will allow users to control focus from a smart device. Also, according to Filmpower, the distance-to-subject metering may be integral to a future autofocus feature. 

Improvements of the Nebula 4300 over its predecessor, the 4200, include an 8-hour battery life; increased payload up to 3.2kg; the added functionalities of double sided use, time lapse function, and auto face tracking; and an encapsulated handle that both protects the cables from the elements and allows for 360-degree rotation.

Both the Nebula Focus and the Nebula 4300 are now shipping. The Nebula focus is listed at $650. The Nebula 4300 is listed at $999 for the full version and $799 for the one-handed model. 

Tech Specs - Nebula 4300

  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Built-in 4096 grade encode
  • Encapsulated 5-axis dual handle
  • 8-Hour battery life
  • Roll follow mode
  • Double-side use 
  • 3.2kg Payload
  • Instant manual adjustment
  • Time-lapse function
  • 360°Unlimited rotation
  • Supports all small mirrorless and DSLR cameras

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Super... now give a test where there's no obnoxious music so we can hear how noisy that FF is....

August 25, 2017 at 10:00PM, Edited August 25, 10:00PM

Torben Greve

The wireless ff is almost a great idea except the design for the thumb wheel is horrible! You're going to give yourself carpel tunnel syndrome after one day of use!

However, it's ability to act as a cinetape and possible auto focus system feature definitely has me keeping my eyes on this product.

August 25, 2017 at 10:43PM


me too
will buy it if it all functions in firmware updates

August 26, 2017 at 12:49AM


This device will add a little surface flash to your production - but it won't make up for a poor story or lack of interesting content. Do we really need movement just for the sake of movement? Or how about another endless drone shot? Enough of cheap stunts and gimmicks, show me a great story! I guarantee you that it can happen without slow motion or a techno crane. It's too easy to get caught up in gear like this - although it's a lot of fun...:)

August 26, 2017 at 10:23PM, Edited August 26, 10:26PM

Ed Wright
Director, DP, Writer

At first I was concerned it was using a LIDAR module to measure distance; I wouldn't want to aim a laser at the actors' eyes.

But on closer inspection it looks ultrasonic. Anybody know?

That focusing wheel looks retarded. No way can you do a long rack focus with that thing. You're supposedly to frantically flick it back and forth all the time? WTF was the thinking there?

September 3, 2017 at 2:49PM, Edited September 3, 2:54PM

David Gurney