Pre-organizing your media is one of those small steps that makes your post workflow significantly less painful. As we covered back in March, Kyno is a tool built from the ground up with its only goal in mind being making that media organization process as easy as possible. With the new release of version 1.3, Kyno has expanded its keyboard shortcut tools and deepened its Premiere functionality to make it the go to organizational tool for Premiere filmmakers.

Kyno's interaction with Premiere has improved in two key ways. First, by linking subclips in Kyno to appear as markers in Premiere, which can significantly speed up the edit process for marker based editors. Additionally, metadata now round-trips back and forth both ways between Kyno and Premiere. If you tag shots in Kyno, bring them into Premiere for editing, then have a need to head back to Kyno for further culling, the metadata should travel the entire path along with the XML.

Kyno_exporter_0Credit: Kyno

Still missing is a wide array of raw video support, so if you are a RED shooter or doing other raw workflows Kyno isn't yet the tool for you. However, for projects from the majority of other camera platforms where media organization is a hassle, or for anyone who needs to pull a lot of full resolution stills from footage, Kyno is a tool to try. Best of all, there's 25% off sale going through August 14 at

Tech Specs:

  • Subclips to Markers
  • 1.5x playback option
  • ProRes, DNxHR, H.264
  • Integration with Premiere, FCP X, and FCP 7
  • Export to Excel for team collaboration including subclip-only exports
  • Transcode and re-wrap to a variety of formats
  • Batch renaming
  • Export all markers as stills
  • Requires OS X v10.9.5 or later