Kyno Speeds Up Your Media Management with Intuitive All-in-One Browser

Credit: Kyno
Kyno, from Lesspain Software, allows faster browsing of all your media and tagging for FCP-X and Premiere.

Browsing footage and editing footage are different tasks. With the increasing number of cameras and formats filmmakers are working with these days, in conjunction with the huge volume of footage being captured on many projects, organizing your media is a job unto itself.

Kyno, from Lesspain Software, is designed to be the only media browser you ever need, allowing filmmakers to use one tool to browse, tag, and organize their footage with the least amount of pain possible. No more scrubbing through shots with the finder one at a time, or launching camera-specific browsers for each type of footage. Kyno organizes all of your footage in an intuitive fashion.

Kyno's all-in-one media management browser lets users find and tag footage from multiple camera formats for FCP and Premiere.Credit: Lesspain Software

One especially useful feature of Kyno is the export to Excel function, which allows you to highlight individual frames, make notes and create an export of those notes into a document nicely formatted with stills of the moments and references to their associated shots. For a director sending notes to the editor, or a cinematographer communicating with a colorist, it's a fast and efficient way to create clear, easy notes for your post team.

Kyno also allows for exporting markers as high resolution stills, which is especially helpful when working on a computer that doesn't match the full resolution of your source footage, but you want to grab a still at full resolution.

Kyno ExportCredit: Lesspain Software

Kyno just upgraded to version 1.2, which includes a complete redesign of FCP-X integration to make the workflow more seamless. The metadata is now fully user configurable, allowing different editors and post teams to build the workflow that makes their process the most efficient. Transcoding also now allows for handles and better flexibility with timestamps and timecode.

Test renders of a 4K clip on our test machine were pretty solid, with Kyno taking about 1 minute 6 seconds to transcode 1 minute of 4k H.264 footage to ProRes LT for edit, while "World's Fastest Transcoder" Editready held on to its title with a 35-second transcode. Kyno was still much faster than the 4 minutes it took Blackmagic Resolve, though in defense of Resolve, it's not designed as a speedy transcoder but a quality color grading tool, which is a good reminder that the tool you use for final finish doesn't have to be the tool you use to generate dailies.

Combining the reasonably fast transcoding capability with the core functions of batch renaming, skimming, markup, and organizing tools makes Kyno an attractive option for many workflows. Kyno is available for $159, but you can check it out free for 14 days before purchase.

Tech Specs:

  • ProRes, DNxHR, Olympus and Fujifilm RAW support added with 1.2
  • Integration with Premiere, FCP X, and FCP 7
  • Export to Excel for team collaboration
  • Transcode and re-wrap to a variety of formats
  • Batch renaming
  • Export all markers as stills
  • Requires OS X v10.9.5 or later

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Mac only. How short-sighted.

March 8, 2017 at 9:12AM


Have you ever worked in software development? Didn't think so.

March 8, 2017 at 9:30AM


The Windows version is coming soon. We are targeting end of march for the beta.

March 9, 2017 at 12:19AM

Robert Krüger

This is great except if you have a RED than REDCINE-X does the exact same thing and it's been around for years.

March 10, 2017 at 8:27PM


This looks very useful, may I ask (no knowledge of the software world) with software for the Mac why not place it on the app store? Again just a novice, but software bought through the app store sure is nice for updating machines and keeping everything in sync with updates. I guess if Apple charges too much I can understand that.

March 11, 2017 at 12:57PM

grip Electric

Ive been using Kyno since first public beta, and I think its a game changer. Im a stills photographer with almost as much video now as stills work. It is the closest thing to the (legendary) Photo Mechanic.
Im hooked.

April 19, 2017 at 3:16AM, Edited April 19, 3:16AM


Quickly find and organize media files on your offloading or archive drives. Select and export only the usable parts from long shots made with drones or action cameras. mybkexperience

August 6, 2018 at 2:30AM


it's definitely important to know how to do this properly and efficiently, clients LOVE these.

January 6, 2020 at 1:58AM, Edited January 6, 2:03AM