Film sets can be incredibly chaotic, but walkies make it possible to clearly communicate with all of the crew members running all over the place trying to get things done. But if you've never really been on a set before and are unfamiliar with the lingo and etiquette that goes along with using a walkie, StudioBinder has put together what is essentially a filmmaker's survival guide that will get you up to speed on pretty much everything you'll need to know about using one.

Take a look at the video below, which covers many of the most common walkie lingo used on film sets:

Learning walkie lingo is no doubt like learning a foreign language. It takes some time to get used to all the phrases and codes, as well as the ones used exclusively on certain projects. Certain crews develop their own shorthand for things, so keep that in mind if you're working with a crew that has.

But understanding the lingo is just the beginning of your walkie education; you also have to know proper walkie etiquette. StudioBinder team provides a great companion piece to the video that walks you through many basic setiquette "rules," including:

  • Walkie hierarchy:  It's expected that you give your walkie to someone who is higher up on the food chain than you if they need it.
  • Speak clearly: Don't speak too fast, too loudly, and don't mumble. Make sure you're communicating clearly.
  • Go easy on the jokes: You're hilarious and that's awesome, but keep the jokes to a minimum. Working on a film set is super stressful and some crew members may not be in the mood for shenanigans!

For more great advice on using walkies on a film set, check out StudioBinder's blog post, where they give more information on how to properly use walkies to communicate with your fellow crew members, as well as the low down on radio channels and how to tell which ones to use.

Source: StudioBinder