'Wallace & Gromit' Creator Aardman Studios Wants to Distribute Your Funny Animated Shorts

Wallace and Gromit
AardBoiled, a new YouTube channel from the Oscar-winning studio, will feature new animated content and Aardman shorts for adult audiences.

Aardman Studios, the award-winning animators behind Wallace & GromitChicken Run, and Shaun the Sheep, have launched AardBoiled, a new YouTube channel featuring animation for an adult audience. While the channel will initially feature content from well-known creators and some lesser-known shorts from the Aardman archives, the studio will be looking for content from new creators very shortly.

AardBoiled isn't officially accepting submissions for new content yet, but they have already set expectations for creators who want to submit to the platform. Specifically, here is the type of content they are looking for:

The main criteria is that any content on the channel needs to be animated, and it needs to be unique, entertaining and above all funny! We are looking for animation that will appeal to an older audience and can be either a series or a one-off piece, created in any animation style or technique with a minimum duration of 30 seconds. Basically, we are looking for funny characters, interesting ideas and silly things that make us laugh.

Aardman will be offering a YouTube distribution deal to content owners whose work the studio selects for AardBoiled. Content owners retain full ownership of their work and will grant Aardman the rights to a two-year YouTube distribution term on AardBoiled. Aardman will share the revenue generated from the YouTube videos with content owners, providing quarterly reports on number of views and advertising revenue generated.

To learn more about AardBoiled and to find contact information about the new YouTube channel, check out the FAQ here.

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