Canon has announced an update to the v2410 monitor: the new DP-V2411, a 24" full 4K reference monitor designed for high levels of color accuracy in a portable package. The monitor works with the full 4096 DCI 4K spec, making it a useful tool not just for UHD productions but also productions capturing in wider than 16x9 resolutions that want to be sure they are seeing their full image resolution as cleanly as possible. The monitor is fully HDR capable, with a peak luminance of 600 nits, and can display both HLG and PQ encoded HDR signals properly. It can also convert from C-log footage into a traditional viewable gamma, making it a great complement to a log workflow allowing the DP at camera to view log while the client and director see a gamma corrected image. With some tweaking, it would probably be possible to make S-log from Sony and V-log from Panasonic look good as well.

01_dp_v2411_front-8-720x6142xCredit: Canon

One of the most fascinating features of this new monitor is internal de-bayering for raw workflows. While it only works with Canon cameras, with the C300 Mark II and C500 being specifically mentioned, those are all popular platforms, and the ability to monitor the camera over a single link while it's in raw mode without an external processor or monitor/recorder is a huge bonus. Especially useful is that the v2411 then passes that de-bayered signal along through its 12g SDI output, making the monitor a team player in terms of creating a useful signal that can then go on to various other client or crew monitors. The monitor is also fully compatible with ACES and can apply an IDT to incoming camera footage to put it in the ACES space. 

Canonv2411_002Credit: Canon

The previous generation 2410 is available from B&H for $17,999, the 2411 should ship this December in a slghtly higher price point, with a target retail of $20,000. For more check out

Tech Specs:

  • 40196x2160 resolution
  • 12G SDI
  • 10bit
  • IPS LCD with LED backlight
  • HLG and PQ HDR preview modes, along with C-log and 
  • 600cd/m peak luminance
  • BT.2020 and ACESProxy color space
  • 2000:1 contrast ratio
  • ACES IDT capable
  • Metadata display for Alexa SXT and Canon Cinema Cameras
  • HDR Metering, Peking, False Color, Zoom
  • PC-free calibration with external probe
  • CDL, 1D and 3D LUT support