Every time a new sensor comes out in an odd size, you need to evaluate the lenses in your package and see if they will cover it, if there is new vignetting, if your thousands of dollars of investments in glass are now useless due to a few extra millimeters getting added to the sides of a new sensor format. That anxiety ends with the Tokina Cine Vista Primes, which cover beyond full frame with a 46.7mm image circle that will make these lenses a great addition to your package today and last you years into the future.

Tokina_vista_18mmCredit: Tokina

The image circle isn't the only reason to give the Cine Vista Primes a close look. They have been engineered to perform just as beautifully wide open at T1.5 as they do stopped down, showing no signs of chromatic aberration and making them a great choice for low light work.  The image stays sharp throughout the entire range of the shot due to the multiple aspheric elements, which are also designed to have no breathing or image shift throughout the focus range. Premiere cine lens experts Duclos Lenses have put together an excellent test video demonstrating these features.

Beyond the beauty of the glass, Tokina has also put effort into the physical construction of the body to make for a more pleasant user experience. The lenses feature a metal construction, with consistency from element size to focus to iris ring placement, making lens changes easy. As more shoots rely on wireless follow focus, not needing to move the motors with lens swaps is a valuable time saver on set. 

Tokina_vista_group_3Consistent Focus and Iris ring placement make lens swaps a breeze.Credit: Tokina

Tokina is continuing to fill out the rest of its cinema line, with an all new zoom, the 16-28mm MKII T3.0, which features the same multiple lens mounts and should intercut seamlessly with the primes. There is additionally a 100mm Macro available, which offers an impressive T2.9 aperture while covering a 43mm image circle.

Phfx_tcvbts_01Credit: Tokina

Cinematographer Phil Holland, one of the first to receive the new RED Vista Vision camera and who has had the new primes to test for several months, had this to say:

The Tokina Cinema Vista Primes came into my life at the perfect time. Particularly for my aerial work where I've been exploring large format night cinematography. I've been looking for fast aperture glass designed for my RED Weapon Dragon8K VV that I could use with confidence wide open in tricky situations where older lenses simply wouldn't hold up. Wide open at T1.5 with extremely minimal chromatic aberrations, the Tokinas certainly have stepped up to the plate. Another great feature for my narrative and commercial work is the fact that these lenses don't breath while focusing, which is great for a composition but like me. They've now been my go-to prime set for Vista Vision filming.

Available now. For more info check out Tokina.com.

Tech Specs

  • Consistent T1.5 aperture
  • All Metal Lens Construction
  • Integrated Lens Support interface
  • 300° focus rotation
  • Swappable mounts available in PL, EF, Sony E, Nikon F, and MFT
  • 112mm Front Filter thread
  • 114mm OD for Matte Box compatibility
  • Consistent iris and focus ring placement for easy lens swaps