We're three weeks away from the return of dystopian Los Angeles where Atari still looms large and replicants may be on the loose in Blade Runner 2049. To bridge the gap between the original Ridley Scott film and the sequel which takes place 30 years later, Warner Bros. is releasing three prequel short films directed by Luke Scott, Ridley's son.

The second installment, 2048: Nowhere to Run, brings us up almost to the current film, introducing Sapper Morton (played by Dave Bautista), a worm farmer with something to hide. While this short was released earlier this week, the HD version had a messed up frame rate, making the viewing experience less than appealing. Warner Bros. has finally released the short on its YouTube channel in HD with the proper frame rate. You can check out the film below.

In case you missed the first prequel short, 2036: Nexus Dawn, you can catch up below to learn about the next generation of replicants.

The final prequel short will likely arrive in the next two weeks, so stay tuned.

Source: Warner Bros.