The film industry is so insanely competitive that it's nothing short of a miracle to actually get hired to work on a set. If you're lucky enough to be one of these blessed individuals, don't sour the deal by doing something stupid enough to get yourself let go on the first day. In this video, Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens goes over eight things that will absolutely get you fired if you work on a film set, from arriving late to not following proper setiquette.

Here are the tips Morgan mentions in the video:

  • Not showing up on time: On time is not on time. On time is late. Early is on time.
  • Not arriving prepared: Put the coffee down and make sure you've got all of the essentials.
  • Being too vocal about your own vision: The director doesn't care if you think a shot would look better a different way.
  • Being on your phone: Just...don't.
  • Just standing around: Make yourself useful. Anticipate needs on set. Stay close to your department so you're there if you're needed.
  • Making a beeline for craft services: Stay away from the food until you break for lunch. You're there to work, not eat.
  • Getting too chummy with the client: That's the director's job.
  • Leaving a mess: Be an adult. Pick up after yourself.

Though these rules can apply to many different roles on set, they are primarily directed toward production assistants. PAs have a tough job because they're basically there to make everyone happy. Somebody wants water? I got it. You need these cables wrangled? I'm on it. Your walkie is dead? Have mine! Being an assistant is really just about being a problem solver of the stupid little things that happen on set. It's not the time nor the place to get discovered or flex your director's muscles. It's not about bragging rights and having sweet stories to tell at the club later. It's literally about work. So if you're not there to work, you won't be working there for long.

Have you ever been fired from a film set? Share your horror stories down in the comments!

Source: The Slanted Lens