Adobe just released the latest version of Premiere Pro with all of the updates announced back at IBC, and to say there are a lot of new features would be a bit of an understatement. A particularly interesting addition to the Premiere toolset is the new responsive design features in the Essential Graphics panel. Editors now have the ability to pin keyframes to the In and Out points of clips, allowing you to change the duration of clips without having to manually move keyframes. You can also pin layers to other layers for responsive design in relation to position. Let’s take a closer look at how to apply both.

Responsive Design - Time

For this example, I have Position and Opacity keyframes applied to a text layer. I’m using the word France as a title graphic, and the keyframes are animating the text in and out of my shot. My problem is that any time I trim the clip, I must manually move the keyframes as well. The new responsive design feature fixes this problem.


There are two ways to apply the effect. First, I can type in custom In and Out durations in the Essential Graphics panel. Or, I can manually specify in and out durations in the Effect Controls panel via a selection bar. I prefer the latter, due to the fact that I can visually see the keyframes as I adjust the duration. Once applied, my keyframes are now pinned to the In and Out positions of my clip.



Responsive Design - Position

This is one of those features that can save you massive amounts of time. It is especially useful when working on lower thirds, but this is only one use of the tool. Use it to create a responsive background element that will automatically adjust to the size of the text on top. So when you’re changing the name on your lower third, the background elements you’ve selected for responsive design will magically resize as you type in new text.  


You can apply responsive design directly under the layers section of the Essential Graphics panel. Simply select a background layer element in the Essential Graphics panel and then pin it to your title layer. You can specify how you want the layer to pin, whether top, bottom, left, right, or all of the above. And voilà! Responsive graphics to speed up your workflow.