Fiilex Rolls Out Next-Gen LED

Fiilex announces P360 Classic portable LED fixture. 

An alternative to Aputure, Kino Flo, Litepanels, Lowel-Lights, Rotolight and the many others competing in the LED market, Fiilex has been making some noise since 2013. The portable "P-Series" series has six different offerings ranging from camera-mountable versions to the flagship 400W equivalent P360 Pro Plus. 

Fiilex P360 Classic
Fiilex P360 ClassicCredit: Fiilex

The P360 Classic is essentially an update to the original P360 and is said to dim to its lowest power setting without flicker or color shifts and maintain accurate color across its color temperature range. A 300-400W tungsten equivalent output, the LED is now adjustable from 2800-6500K, (previously 3000-5600K) and dimmable from 20%-100%, drawing 90W of power.  

Fiilex P360 Classic
Fiilex P360 Classic 5" ThrowCredit: Fiilex

The natural beam angle of the 2" fresnel lens is 65°, and when flooded, it can produce 324 lux 3-feet away at 5600K. When adding the 5" Zoom Fresnel attachment, it increases the beam intensity up to 800%, illuminating 1047 lux at the same distance and color temperature. Like many of the Fiilex fixtures, the LED is compatible with the company's accessory line, from softboxes, speed rings, gel holders and umbrella holders to V-mount battery holders and power adapters. An extended yoke and spigot allow users to adjust any softbox or fresnel attachments.

Fiilex Spectral Data & Tunable CCT/Hue Charts

Designed with Fiilex's Dense Matrix LED array, which essentially packs dozens of LED chips under a single glass optic, the P360 Classic keeps a small footprint for lighting on set. Fiilex does offer different travel kits if you're looking to add multiple lights to your toolkit. The P360 Classic (model FLXP360CL) is now shipping for $595. 

  • 2800-6500K Continuous Tuning
  • Dimming (100% - 20%)
  • Flicker-Free
  • Does Not Emit UV Light/Radiation
  •  IP-24 Water Resistant
  • Extended yoke + spigot
  • Mechanical Mount with Magnetic Locking for Accessories
  • Weighs only 1.9 lbs
  • Runs on 12-28V broadcast batteries
    • w/ D-Tap Cable accessory

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