At last week's FCPX Creative Summit, Apple unveiled Final Cut Pro X's 10.4 update, which looks to be a pretty massive overhaul of the layout and functionality of the company's flagship NLE. Despite the addition of Touch Bar support getting the prime spot in the announcement, other features like new color wheels and RGB and hue/saturation curves, redesigned flat interface, and extensive VR support are some of the most exciting (and requested) upgrades from the previous version. Let's take a look at the highlights.

VR support

In a move that is surely a future-proof measure, Apple has added extensive support for VR in the latest update both in FCP X and Motion as well. Users will be able to add VR titles, transitions, and effects to their projects, the edits of which can be output to a screen and to a VR headset at the same time. Apple has also included an auto horizon level correction tool for 360° video. 9to5Mac gathered several accounts of the FCPX 10.4 preview in Cupertino on Thursday, so to give you a glimpse into 10.4's VR capabilities, here's a quick video from Alex Gollner via 9to5Mac:

New color control tools

Another exciting addition to FCP X is the massively upgraded color control tools. Users have been asking for improvements to this area of FCP X for years and version 10.4 not only delivers new color wheels and RGB and hue/saturation curves, but an auto white balance tool as well.

New interface

You might be incredibly surprised the first time you open up FCP X, because the interface has been given a complete makeover. The 3D look has been revamped with a new dark, flat design and buttons and options have been moved to different areas in the hopes that users will not only have a more visually pleasing experience but a more productive one as well.

New features

  • VR support
  • New color controls: color wheels and RGB and hue/saturation curves
  • Manual white balance with color picker
  • Added custom/camera LUT support (RED)
  • HEVC support
  • HDR support
  • iOS iMovie projects can now be imported into FCPX 10.4

Apple has not given a release date for FCP X 10.4 as of yet, but the update should be available later on this year.