Last year, we published a wildly popular list of the most terrifying horror shorts we could find online. This year, we're still hungry. Below, we've compiled fourteen more of the scariest short films we could find streaming now.


Home alone, a man wonders why his printer won't stop spewing images of him in the dark. Directed by Michael Muchnij

The Disappearance of Willie Bingham

In a dystopian twist of the justice system, the law of retaliation has been instated for convicted murders. This is body horror at its finest. Directed by Matthew Richards

Alone Time

How do you know if you're ever truly alone? The filmmakers behind Netflix's Amanda Knox bring us this elegant, subtle short film that transmogrifies into a nightmare. It's a slow burn, but we highly encourage you to watch the entire film—the payoff at the end is worth it. Directed by Rod Blackhurst

The Curve

And now for something a little different: This artful short is Stalker meets 127 Hours. It also features a fantastic nonverbal performance from young actress Laura Jane Turner. Directed by Tim Egan

The Jigsaw

This short, about a man who is unfortunate enough to encounter a demonic puzzle, plays like a well-shot Stephen King story and features one utterly creepy performance from a shopkeeper. Directed by Basis and Rashad Al-Safar


Very few horror films manage to deliver scares and transcend the genre with a powerful message about a social issue. Boniato, a Sundance 2015 short film, does just that. In 22 minutes—and shot in just six days on a shoestring budget—it manages to make a statement about the plight of migrant workers without sacrificing some tantalizing gore. Directed by Eric Mainade, Andres Meza-Valdes, and Diego Meza-Valdes

The Moonlight Man

You've heard it before: A young woman is stalked in a parking lot at night. This time, it's no different, but it's certainly still scary. Directed by Danny Donahue

La Boca del León

This found-footage short, about a possessed man whose daughter tries to save him, is unflinching until the very last moment. Directed by Alfonso García


When it comes to weird neighbors, curiosity killed the cat. Directed by Brandon Boudreaux

Daddy's Girl

The production value and mis-en-scène in this horror short rival only its mastery of tension. Directed by Jed Hart

The Thing in the Apartment

"Obviously, my main goal was to scare the living shit out of people, but that never works if you don’t care about the characters," director John William Ross told Short of the Week. Thankfully, despite conforming to many genre tropes, Ross's unnerving short film works due to his actors' naturalistic performances. Directed by John William Ross


In this suspenseful short, evocative of the final scene in Silent House, ghostscan only be viewed through a man's iPhone. Directed by Henry Chu and Stefan Sundberg


Remember that urban legend "Murderers Can Lick, Too"? Apparently, they still can. Directed by Matt Sears

Tuck Me In

This one has been seen before. (Get it? You will....) Directed by Ignacio F. Rodó

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