We all know by now about the power of color grading to give films and videos that polished cinematic look. Even better, color grading tools and techniques that were once a highly guarded science—held under tight lock and key in Hollywood post houses—are now accessible to everyone.

The draw of color grading’s potential to effectively communicate the vision and emotion of a finished film was so strong that filmmaker Denver Riddle moved from shooting to pursuing a career as a colorist. He recalls, “When I discovered color grading, I felt like it was a powerful extension of what I was capturing on camera. A way to enhance the story and one of the keys to making it look like a big Hollywood production.”

before afterBefore and after color grading, by Mohamed Ghoneam from the Color Grading Central Facebook group.

However, Riddle soon learned that, at the time, the industry was lacking the tools, resources, and community to help a newer colorist get started quickly. Thus, he founded Color Grading Central—a company that develops color tools and provides color grading education to empower filmmakers and enhance their films.

With the successful launch of several color grading tools such as LUTs and software like Color Finale, LUT Utility, and LUT Gallery, Color Grading Central wants to partner with filmmakers like you—to understand what’s holding you back and together create the next generation of color tools that will be a game changer in your filmmaking. According to Riddle, “We hear from people all the time who know how important color grading is, but are frustrated that they don’t know how to maximize the tools to get the best results.”

Quiz-bleachbypassTest your knowledge in Color Grading Central's quiz.

So, what is holding you back in your color grading efforts?Complete this 5-minute quiz that Color Grading Central put together and you might help solve your own problems by contributing to the development of a useful new tool.