Timelapse and motion control specialist DitoGear is launching a new line of products, starting with the Trinity motorized turntable and the Morpheus high-speed slider. Both are designed for fine grained control of movement when working with high-speed photography.

DitoGear has created videos highlighting the effects possible with each of the two systems.

DitoGear™ Trinity: High-speed spinning arm on a table

DitoGear™ Morpheus: High-speed slider

The Trinity has clear benefits in doing 360° moves around a stationary subject, and the Morpheus is designed for giving you both high speed and highly accurate control for your linear moves. These releases kick off a series of introductions, with a high-speed head to follow next year. They can be purchased and used separately or in a combo, allowing for shots that both move around and in or out on an subject, and are designed as affordable alternatives to similar high-end systems.

Ditogear-trinity-bts-02DitoGear Trinity in actionCredit: Ditogear

A great advantage here, besides the high-speed capability, is an option to connect external triggers. The system will let users plan, synchronize, and repeat shots in coordination with other tools, such as actuators, in order to control the subject in front of the camera. When working with extremely high frame rate photography, the coordination between moving objects and a moving camera can be particularly difficult to coordinate, and DitoGear is offering an attractive solution for integrating the entire system together by including the articulated trigger systems.

Ditogear-trinity-02-blackDitoGear TrinityCredit: DitoGear

DitoGearDitoGear MorpheusCredit: DitoGear

The commercial industry will especially appreciate DitoGear™ high-speed products. Trinity and Morpheus are excellent tools for product videos and pack shots, where the integrated triggers will make capturing complicated food and object shots easier.

Ditogear-trinity-bts-07DitoGear on setCredit: DitoGear

Key features

  • Camera triggering synchronized with motion control
  • High speed
  • Repeatable shots
  • Fraction of price of high-end products with similar effect

Ditogear-trinity-bts-04DitoGear Trinity BTSCredit: DitoGear

The introductory pricing will be announced by DitoGear together with a Black Friday sale on Thursday, November 24.

As of right now, we don't know the details of the sale, but DitoGear has announced that it will be a big deal this year. You can sign up to be notified when the sale goes by signing up down below, or you can contact DitoGear directly.

Ditogear-triggers-02DitoGear TriggersCredit: DitoGear

Tech specs


DitoGear™ Trinity

  • Maximum speed: 360°/1sec
  • Spinning arm length: 110 cm
  • Table plate diameter: 50cm  (mounting holes allow to mount bigger plate)
  • Maximum table payload: 100kg (220lb)


  • Maximum speed: 4m/1sec
  • Slider length: 3m               

Accessories for DitoGear™ Trinity and DitoGear™Morpheus will include:

  • Robotic arms
  • Triggers for releasing liquids, gases, and powder
  • Systems for mounting cameras