For those looking to up their virtual production workflows, and games in general, the latest version of the Kessler Crane CineShooter motion control system is here to give you even greater control with new tools and features.

Most notably the new CineShooter+ is going to support integration with Unreal Engine, which should truly unlock tracker-less virtual production workflows for your various projects and needs. Let’s look at this updated motion control system from Kessler and explore how it could work for your virtual production setups.

Kessler Crane CineShooter+

So, what is this new motion control system? The Kessler CineShooter+ is just a motorized pan and tilt head that you can pre-program with various routines to create dynamic, and repeatable, camera movements. It’ll automate and speed up your production workflows in general, but it’s designed for these controlled and virtual environments.

The latest plus version of the CineShooter looks about the same as the last one, however, it should pack around 40% more power, operate quieter, and have less backlash. The pan and tilt head weighs about 5.4 lbs and can hold weights for your camera rigs of up to 50 lbs depending on your setup.

There’s also a newer, larger OLED display that is significantly brighter than the previous model with an updated UI as well. As with other Kessler motion control products, the CineShooter+ could be a great option to pair with other tools like the Power Blok, Second Shooter Pro, or Lens Control Motor.

Unreal Engine Virtual Productions

What’s most fascinating about this new CineShooter+ motion control system though is its new integration with Unreal Engine via kOS Premium software. For those who have already dabbled in virtual production, it’s hard to not see this avenue (along with AI of course) being the way of the future.

The new CineShooter+ motion control system will be able to communicate directly with Unreal Engine for a true tracker-free workflow that will allow shooters to no longer need to use camera trackers on their productions since they’ll be able to transfer data from their camera directly via the software.

This of course is hugely helpful for those shooting a lot of virtual production projects and looking to better streamline their workflows for consistent and easy managing of complicated shots. This only works with Kessler’s kOS motion control software, which requires the Premium upgrade version, which you can learn more about here.

\u200bThe Kessler CineShooter+ motion control system

The Kessler CineShooter+ motion control system

Kessler Crane

Price and Availability

This revamped version of the Kessler CineShooter+ is available to order now, with two versions (a standard and macro) online. They also come with a Lite variation of the kOS software for free, however, the Premium version will cost either $9.95 a month or $99.95 a year (or you could also buy a perpetual license for $199 as well).

You can order a model using the link below.

Kessler Crane CineShooter+ Pan & Tilt Head

CineShooter+ is the strongest, most precise, and quietest motion control system in its class. It's a natural evolution of the previous generation high-end motion control head, CineShooter.