November 27, 2017

OK GO Dazzles Again With 567 Printers Synced Together in Choreographed Technical Wizardry

OK GO continue their technical hot streak with 'Obsession'. 

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, OK GO treated us to what now seems to be an annual tradition. The musicians/avant-garde pop music video masters dropped their last piece of wizardry almost a year ago to the day. The video quickly went viral and featured the band playing over a rapid succession of colorful explosions slowed down to match the beat.

As is the case for all their music videos, this was directed by the band's lead singer Damian Kulash. "Obsession" further solidifies Kulash's knack for color and carefully choreographed technical moves.

"Obsession" features the band performing in front of a wall of 567 computer printers. As the song progresses, the machines begin to spout out brilliant patterns of paper, which when sped up, creates a sort of trippy kaleidoscopic iTunes visualizer. The complex timing was no small feat. You can check out a full list of credits for the production of the video here.

If you're concerned about the toll this production took on the environment (with all that paper, there's good reason), then take solace in the fact that the band insists all the paper was recycled properly. All the proceeds were given to Greenpeace.

It seems like the smartest part of these videos is the way OK GO finds its sponsors. We imagine partnering with smaller brands like the Thailand-based Double A Paper (and Morton Salt for last year's video) gives the band a budget big enough to execute the intricate ideas that are centered around their products.

In a statement released by the Double A Paper Company, we see the concept laid out in plain terms: "The biggest challenge of this project lies not just in developing a program to control all 567 printers used during the shooting. This large-scale production involves designing graphic patterns to be printed on each piece of Double A paper – design made by Karan Singh. Project also recruits the talent of MIKIKO, the choreographer behind many memorable music videos including ones of BABYMETAL, Perfume, Salyu and Sakura Gakuin. MIKIKO will design movements of all 4 members of OK GO and make sure they are coordinated with the Paper Mapping background."

OK, go watch the video again.     

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OK GO is where music goes to die

November 27, 2017 at 12:30PM

Liam Martin
DP, editor, part time director

'As is the case for all their music videos, this was directed by the band's lead singer Damian Kulash.'
which is nonsense. do writers on this site just write whatever pops into their head? haven't we had enough of fake news? Trish Sie has directed their previous videos, which were all more impressive than this.

November 29, 2017 at 5:54AM, Edited November 29, 5:54AM


Nearly all of their verified youtube videos state that Damian was the director, sometimes in collaboration with other directors.

December 1, 2017 at 6:52PM, Edited December 1, 6:59PM

Craig Douglas
Writer/ Director/ Editor/ Videographer

If only they could write a song...

November 30, 2017 at 11:52PM, Edited November 30, 11:52PM