Watch: 5 Cinematic Slider Moves (and How to Do Them Right)

Here are some ways to use camera sliders to make your footage look more professional and cinematic.

When it comes to camera movement, sliders offer so much versatility and style without having to work very hard to get it. If you want to take your slider game to the next level, Parker Walbeck shows you five super simple camera moves you can do with pretty much any unit on the market, as well as how to avoid common obstacles you might come up against while trying to pull them off. Check out his tutorial below (which starts at around 3:00).

Here are the moves Walbeck talks about in the video:

  • Side-to-side
  • Push-in/Pull-out
  • Parallax
  • Low mode
  • Aerial

Admittedly, many of these moves are really basic and don't really require much (if any) guidance for new users. In other words, I doubt anyone buying a camera slider really needs to learn about side-to-side movement, because, hello, that's what you bought the thing for.

However, it is really helpful to learn about common issues that come up when performing these basic moves, like how to add depth when shooting side-to-side shots or how to keep the slider out of a push-in or pull-out shot.

To add depth, simply put some foreground elements in the frame. This will produce the parallax effect (when objects at different distances from the lens move at different speeds) and not only make your image look more dimensional, but it will also give your shot more kinetic energy.

To keep your slider out of view when doing a push-in or pull-out, Walbeck makes a few suggestions:

  • Use a lens with a tighter focal length
  • Put your slider on the ground and tilt up
  • Angle your camera to one side of the slider 
  • Crop out the slider in post by adding a letterbox

Do you have any tips on how to use sliders like a pro? What are some of your favorite creative slider moves? Let us know in the comments below.     

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Really great review, but you liked this so much it almost sounds like an infomercial :)

November 12, 2017 at 6:55PM

Alice Bil-Szot

Indeed, sounds like a Rhino ad. I own this exact same system, and with a few small caveats, I can verify that it is indeed a phenomenal slider, but there are others out there that will do what it does. Most are junk, but a few are quite good.

Regarding what he calls "low mode". The phrase "low mode" , as I have heard it used, generally denotes hanging the camera upside-down from whatever rig is being used, to get as low as possible, then flipping the footage in post. This is entirely possible with this slider. In fact, if you took the top handle off of the RED, and flipped the slider over, you could literally be scraping the floor with the lens hood. Can't get any lower than that (without cutting a hole in the stage) : )

November 16, 2017 at 10:38AM


Great job..!!
Also, there was a video where you can use the slider as a mini jib, but only with light weight cameras.
Creativity and ideas top.

August 29, 2018 at 12:57AM

Sameir Ali
Director of Photography