Let's face it: shooting on film can be very expensive, but sometimes your project demands that natural, analog look. Some editing software comes loaded with color presets that attempt to match the film-feeling, but often your project still just doesn't come out looking right.

The Cinema Bundle includes literally hundreds of presets to choose from.

That's where the good people at Rocket Rooster come in. Previously, they had created three different sets of film emulators for color graders to work with: The Analog Cinema, Cinema Colour II and Blockbuster packages. But now they've combined all three packages into one huge "Cinema Bundle" that you can purchase much, much more cheaply than if you were to buy all three separately. See examples of each impressive set below:

The Cinema Bundle includes literally hundreds of presets to choose from. Specifically, that's 96 Core Film Stocks that can be combined to form 319 film stock emulation variations. As you can see in the chart below, there are a huge variety of film stocks available from Fuji to Kodak and Ilford to Polaroid.


The pack consists of a set of 3D LUTs (also known as lookup tables) that you can use to quickly apply looks to footage in your NLE (non-linear editor) or grading software to set a base for your final grade. The LUTs are developed to authentically simulate the aesthetic of Super 35, Super 16, and 35mm film stock. Also included are 100 high quality, easy to use Cinematic looks.

Originally $170, the whole package can be yours for a low price of $51. Purchases can be madehere.