It's crazy to think about how much an editor needs to know how to do, because guess what, it's not all about cutting clips and adding music. It's about animating text, adjusting audio levels, and making all of those images look as good as you possibly can, which, of course, requires a pretty well-rounded understanding of your editing tools.

lf you want to learn a few little tricks that will affect your edit in a big way, Justin Odisho shares five really great techniques that will help you not only save time while editing, but also add a little flair to your videos. Check out his tutorial below:

It's easy to get caught up in the massive scale of an editing project that you completely forget how impactful the little adjustments can be. Adding a slight gaussian blur to your video clip can make your text really pop. A simple keyboard shortcut can make quick work of audio ducking. A subtle vignette can bring the attention back to your subject.

Really, it's the little stuff that counts. (I mean, the big stuff counts, too, but still—remember the small stuff.) Here are the tricks demonstrated in the tutorial:

  • Pull focus
  • Gentle motion
  • Audio ducking
  • Sound design
  • Vignette

What are some other little editing tricks that can impact your video in a big way? Let us know down below.

Source: Justin Odisho