Isn't it (almost) every filmmaker's dream to have an enormous collection of gear? Tons of cameras, lenses, stabilizers, and stands—we want it all—until it comes time to manage and organize it all, right? If you're cinematic arsenal is on the beefy side, you're going to want to know how to keep all of those very expensive, very fragile beauties easy to find and in the best condition, and in this video, Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens gives you five practical tips on getting a handle on all of your filmmaking tools. Check it out below: 

Getting your gear organized isn't the most pleasant or enthralling tasks you're going to do as a filmmaker, but it is incredibly important. Not only will it save you time when you're preparing for a shoot and working on set, but it'll keep your gear in tip-top shape. So, here are Morgan's five tips mentioned in the video:

  • Vacuum out your case
  • Go through all of your gear and find out what needs to be repaired
  • Take inventory of your gear and get rid of what you don't want or need
  • Label everything (including cables and batteries) with your name and phone number
  • Keep your equipment list updated (especially if you pay for insurance)

If you have experience organizing and maintaining your gear, you probably have your own excellent way of caring for and sorting out your gear. Tell us how you do things down in the comments!

Source: The Slanted Lens