Like its predecessor (the H1), the newly overhauled, entry-level H1n from Zoom provides professional audio recording capabilities wherever you go. With a small, sleek design that allows the H1n to fit in your pocket, it's easy to access and doesn't take up too much room. 

The one-touch button controls allow you to implement filters and adjust your levels. It's much more user-friendly than having to scroll through a menu in order to find parameters and change settings. The built-in tone and slate generators make calibrating H1n & camera levels simple while allowing you to sync recordings in post.

As with other Zoom products, you can expect professional level quality from the H1n. Its X/Y stereo mics, allowing recordings of up to 24 bit at 96k, means you're not sacrificing quality for portability. Other additions include a large, 1.25" monochromatic screen that's easy to see in bright light, and one-button access to sound processing controls like a limiter and low-cut filter. 

Zoom H1n Features 1-Touch Signal ProcessingZoom H1n Features 1-Touch Signal ProcessingCredit: Zoom

A speech preset optimizes the H1 for dialogue recording with the click of a button. No menus to dive into—just enable the preset and you're good-to-go. This feature should be especially helpful documentary producers with interview-heavy projects. 

If you need to add low-cut filter or limit your input signal in loud environments, both can be enabled and disabled via the buttons on the front of the H1n. Record clean, distortion-free audio in even loud environments.

After you've recorded your interview audio, you may need to transcribe it. The on-board playback speed adjustment makes it easy to slow down your audio so that you can catch every word. 

Zoom H1n Recorder features 1 touch button controlZoom H1n Recorder features 1 touch button controlCredit: Zoom

While there is no XLR input, the H1n does feature a 1/8" mic/line input for connecting a lav, shotgun mic, or another audio source. No headphone output on your DSLR? No problem! The H1n headphone output with volume control lets you monitor your recordings. Powered by dual AAA batteries, the Zoom H1n allows you to record up to 10hrs in the field.

Along with traditional SD cards, the Zoom H1n can also accept SDHC cards of up to 32 gigabytes (15 hours of recording at 24bit/96khz in WAV format).

The Zoom H1n has na MSRP of $119.99 and is currently available for purchase. The older, H1 has been discontinued.