It’s officially a new year but we’re still not over how great our podcasts turned out in 2017. I’ve been sifting through all of the fifty plus interviews we did to find the best advice from some of the year’s most notable names in independent film to bring you these "Best Of" episodes.

Last year, we started doing interview podcasts every single week in addition to our Indie Film Weekly episodes. We’ve had tons of great guests from Sean Baker to Flying Lotus and everything in between. And as I said in our list of the year's 15 most popular episodes, we’re all really proud of the type of resource this podcast has become.

In the first volume of our “Best Of” episodes, we heard from Flying Lotus. Gillian Robespierre, Brett Gelman and more. Today you’ll hear selections from Sean Baker, Ruben Ostlund, Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment and the first family of DIY, and Parker Smith.

170521122708-the-square-film-still-2-super-tease_2"The Square" Credit: Magnolia Pictures

Our series will continue next week, as I’ll lead you through more of our best clips of 2017. If you haven’t heard all of our interview podcasts, these are great examples of the type of information you can expect to come away with after every listen.

Featured in this episode:

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This episode was edited by Jon Fusco.