Lensbaby has carved out a niche for itself as the premier manufacturer of tilt-shift lens systems, increasing in popularity due to its tilted in-camera focus effects. Last October, the company expanded those efforts into filters, beginning with a selection of eight creative effects like the star filter. With the announcement of three close up filters for 46mm thread size lenses, the company now dives into macro filters,   

Available in +1, +2 and +4 power, these filters bring the camera closer to the action, allowing for exceptional close-up photography previously unobtainable via the close-focus settings of former offerings. These filters can also be combined to increase their power, although there is a limit as to how close you can focus (sometimes the object ends up touching the front of the lens).

Lensbaby_macro_in_caseCredit: Lensbaby

Macro adapters are a great tool to have in any filmmaking toolkit. While numerous filter effects can be recreated in post-production, there's just no remedy for having an unusable, out-of-focus shot;  for any key detail work, there's absolutely no substitute for having lenses or filters that allow close up work. While the sample imagery recently released focuses on still-life and food work (important for an active Instagram presence?), macro-work plays a big part in narrative storytelling and shouldn't be ignored. Whether it's picking out a key detail in a scene, shooting transitional elements, or simply getting exceptionally close to your actors, macro's are a great tool.

Available at B&H for $49.99.​

Screen_shot_2018-01-16_at_2Credit: Lensbaby

Tech Specs

  • 46mm Front Filter Threads
  • Includes +1, +2, and +4 Strengths
  • Enables Shorter Working Distance
  • Combine Filters for Increased Effect