Sunrise and sunset aren't just for lovers, you guys. They're also for filmmakers who want to capture some beautiful shots with gorgeous, soft, warm lighting. However, capturing footage during "Golden Hour" or "Magic Hour" can be difficult because, as we all know, the sun is master to no one and being able to plan for, control, and adjust to its ever-changing quality of light requires a little bit of know-how. In this video from Pond5, you'll get to learn several tips that will have you shooting scenes during Golden Hour with confidence and excitement. Check it out below:

Golden Hour is one of the most beautiful times of day to shoot a scene. Occurring during both sunrise and sunset, it provides you with stunning warm colors and soft light that creates a romantic, magical mood. Even though it's called "Golden Hour," the duration isn't always an hour. It may be longer or shorter depending on your location, elevation, and time of year.

So, if you're interested in shooting during Golden Hour, here are a few things to keep in mind so you don't miss any important shots.


  • Know when it occurs: Don't guess when golden hour is going to occur. Look it up! Use apps and websites to get accurate information about the time and duration golden hour will be upon you.
  • Scout your location:  Find out ahead of time what your location looks like during sunrise and sunset. That way, you'll know what to expect when it comes time to shoot, including the sun's path, shadows, and any obstacles that may mess up your otherwise perfect shot.
  • Capitalize on blue hour: If you want to get some beautiful, melancholic shots, then take advantage of blue hour, which occurs just before sunrise and just after sunset. The blue light makes for some great imagery.
  • Keep an eye on your settings: Keeping your exposure and color temperature consistent throughout your shoot is incredibly important if you want to have good, uniform footage. So, make sure you're always checking your camera settings and adjusting as needed. Just be aware of what those adjustments will do to your image. For example, opening up your aperture will give you shallower depth of field.
  • Get creative with the sun: Try new things always. Try making the sun an element within the frame. Use it as a rim light. Use it to create some cool lens flares.

What are some other helpful tips for shooting during Golden Hour? Let us know down in the comments.

Source: Pond5