When Sam Barnett was in high school, he recalls on the 20/20 Film Blog, he saw a video that changed his life "in a profound way": a six-minute mashup of 2010's movies called Filmography 2010. Inspired in part by the creativity displayed in that video, he went on to study film and, lucky for us, he's created an homage to the original in the form of Filmography 2017.

The truly impressive supercut, which you can watch below, not only combines clips from over 300 movies that hit US theaters last year, but it does so in such a way that the video tells its own story about where we are as a global society in terms of our hopes and fears or, as Barnett puts it, the "collective imagination of our world." 

Yes, it's fun to watch and try to name the movies as they flash before your eyes (how many have you seen?), but this video is also a great lesson in the cinematic trends of the moment as well as the effectiveness of classic techniques, like the enduring power of the closeup shot.

See the entire list of films referenced here.