Like a graceful ballet or a hip-hop routine, blocking is all about choreography. You have to figure out where your actors are going to be, where they're going to go, and how your camera is going to capture it all. In this video, the team over at The Film Look goes over the many elements of blocking, including what kinds of things to keep in mind before making a decision, how to direct your actors, and how to keep the visual communication between your camera and your audience clear and intentional. Check it out below:

So, what is blocking anyway? It's basically figuring out where your actors are going to be in the scene and how they're going to move in relation to your camera. You can have a static shot in which your actors and camera are stationary. You can have more kinetic shot in which your actors and camera are both moving around the set. You can have one where your actors are moving but your camera isn't and vice versa. Really, you can block your scene however you like; you can get as creative as you want!

Even if you've already decided on how you're going to block your scene, one important thing you should do before you shoot is rehearse your scene to make sure the blocking works. Keep a close eye on framing, lighting, and continuity while doing this, especially if you've got a lot of movement in your shot.

What are some other important aspects of blocking? Let us know down below.

Source: The Film Look