Blind Spot gear is best known for the company's Tile light, which we got our hands on last summer and were impressed by its brightness, thought-out design, and innovative, foldable soft box. However, the company's original product was the Scorpion from 2014, a gooseneck light with a powerful, focused beam of LED light. The Scorpion was perfect for when you needed to sneak in a "special" touch of light for a scene, and it proved popular as a versatile, reliable way to paint with light. The Scotsmen are now back with a Scorpion V2, refining the design and increasing the color rendition of the unit.

The big technical improvements? An increase in power output from a smaller unit (the video promotes 30% more power from a body 20% smaller), and higher TLCI of 94. Color rendition has long been a problem for LEDs, and so it's great to see small, flexible LEDs being relied on to light flattering skin tones.

On top of that, the designers have put a special focus on assembling easy-to-organize, fast-to-use kits that keep your gear together and make moving from setup-to-setup as fast and convenient as possible.

Scorpion_v2_quad_interiorCredit: Blindspot

Interestingly, the company has launched its lighting demonstrations in VR, another example of forward thinking that makes us appreciate Blind Spot (we loved its 3D-printed eggcrate models). VR feels like a tool completely capable of demonstrating what someone can really do with a light fixture.

And while the viewcount on its VR videos isn't too high yet, if you have a headset unit and want to give them a watch, let us know in the comments if you feel like it was a good way to learn more about the lights.

Scorpion_v2_interview_Credit: Blindspot

Check out the Kickstarter for more info or to pre-order at a discount.

Tech Specs

  • 800 lumens output
  • Total Internal Reflection optical system
  • 27 degree beam angle
  • 5600 K color temperature
  • 16W, 2.5a@6.5volts
  • Sony NP-F battery adapter
  • 3m power exension cord and D-tap accessories
  • 80 minute runtime on inluded battery
  • 270 lux at 3 meters
  • Aluminum outer case, drop proof to 3 meters
  • 300g/.65lb weight
  • 6cm x 6xm x 38cm / 3" x 3" x 15"