YouTube is absolutely chock full of helpful videos that educate us about the filmmaking process. Their formats vary widely, from talking head segments to animated video essays, but if you're looking for something a little different to hold your precious hand as you navigate the gauntlet of learning, you might want to take a look at what filmmaker Clint D'Souza's got cookin'.

Titled Limey Cricket's A Series on How to Make a Film, this webseries, or short film, or whatever you want to call it, is an instructional guide inspired by A Series of Unfortunate Events that walks you through the process of taking a film from script to screen. It's entertaining and educational, so check it out below:

So far, the series includes four videos that cover screenwriting, pre-production, auditions, and shooting. While each one offers a ton of great advice about each topic, D'Souza goes more in-depth by including lengthy explanations of key components of filmmaking in each video description.

So, I guess Limey Cricket's is more of a webseries/short film/multi-media project. Again, whatever it is, it's stylishly entertaining and offers some great insight into how to embark upon your filmmaking journey.

Also, D'Souza is offering you the chance to win his first camera rig, a Walmex Pro, by subscribing to and checking out his various social media accounts. The giveaway ends in...3 hours, so if you're interested, you'd better get to it! Click here to check it out.

Source: Clint D'Souza