Commissioned by Apple as a way to bring attention to the company's recently introduced Homepod speakers, Spike Jonze's Welcome Home music video/advertisement/immersive experience has captured the imagination of millions across the globe.

We documented Jonze's exuberantly candy-colored piece earlier this month, marveling at how its free-spirited direction and meticulous set-design made for a playful experience merging the musical talents of FKA Twiggs with Anderson .Paak to startling, smile-inducing effect. Thanks to the good folks at AdWeek, a new behind-the-scenes video has unveiled how it all came together. 

Over a brief seven minutes, the video gives a fairly comprehensive overview of the production's (literally) moving parts, speaking briefly with the production's choreographer, movement coach, art director, creative director, production designer, VFX supervisor, off camera dancers, and Jonze himself.

It's fascinating to learn how practical effects played such an important role in the set design; if a wall or piece of furniture was required to expand several feet outward, it was built accordingly to grow out or fold inward. Miniature models of the set were built to provide spatial clarity, while a life-size version was designed as a funhouse with occasionally shaky but ultimately efficient walls.

And lest you believe that any pop song could be placed over Jonze's short and provide the same effect, the video makes clear that the project was very much directed with Anderson .Paak's "Till It's Over" in mind. There's no doubt that each production choice, from the dizzying spin of a couch to each calculated gesture performed by FKA Twiggs, were painstakingly planned and rehearsed.

It's a fun watch—Twiggs' Facetime audition video for Jonze is a sleep-deprived moment of vulnerability we often aren't privy to— that we'll probably be watching over and over again, much like the inspired project it documents.

Source: AdWeek